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Make Student Dreams a Reality
A fifth-grade student at Langston Hughes Academy

Our Mission

Make Student Dreams a Reality

Highly effective teachers can transform students’ lives. We’re proud to help launch the careers of new teachers from diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to fighting for educational equity. Our Fellows embark on meaningful careers committed to inclusive teaching. They build strong relationships with their students, hold high expectations, and have the ability to make challenging content relevant and engaging—setting students on a long-term path to success. And, by creating accessible pathways to classrooms and careers, TNTP Teaching Fellows supports improving economic and social mobility for both teachers and students alike

Developing and Supporting Diverse Talents

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Giving all students the challeging, vibrant, and affirming education they deserve starts with supporting and sustaining great teaching.
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TNTP Teaching Fellows works in partnership with local communities to provide accessible pathways to successful teaching careers.
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Our Community

The Best of Both Worlds—the Power of Local Community Backed by a National Framework

Our program has trained over 38,000 diverse and talented teachers through 36 programs across 25 states, partnering with local school districts and charter organizations. Our programs are rooted in the local communities where we work. Our Fellows teach local students in local classrooms and learn from local teachers and leaders, while receiving training based on a national framework that has been proven effective for over 20 years. Our training model is both proven and innovative because we regularly review the latest data and feedback from students and teachers to refine our programming.

Meet Our Staff

TNTP Teaching Fellows Recruitment Team

Dawn Gaines

Senior Manager, Recruitment

Headshot of Aspen Davis

Aspen Davis

Recruitment Manager

Headshot of Katrina Wardrip

Katrina Wardrip

Operations Manager

Program Staff

Headshot of Sean Nix

Sean Nix

Program Manager

Headshot of Shanita Modlin

Shanita Pryor

Senior Manager & BCTR Alumna

Headshot of Johari Toe

Johari Toe

Program Director

Headshot of Brittany Grimaldi

Brittany Grimaldi

Effectiveness Coach & BCTR Alumna

Headshot of Candace Jones

Candace Jones

Program Manager

Headshot of Rashay Foster

Rashay Foster

Senior Manager, Mid-West BEEC

Headshot of Eugene Pringle

Dr. Eugene Pringle

Program Director

Headshot of Troy Smith

Troy Smith

Effectiveness Coach and ITF alum

Headshot of Carol O'Hea

Carol O’Hea

Senior Program Manager

Headshot of Milton Pereda

Milton Pereda

Senior Manager BEEC Support teachNOLA Alum

Headshot of Nancy Turner

Dr. Nancy Turner

Program Director teachNOLA Alum

Headshot of Ashley Abbot

Ashley Abbott

Effectiveness Coach

Headshot of Mizer Edwards

Mizer Edwards

Effectiveness Coach

Arlene Angulo-Serrano

Effectiveness Coach

Tacha Thebaud

Program Director

Headshot of James Barnett

James Barnett

Program Director

Head shot of Maggie Borman

Maggie Borman

Effectiveness Coach

Headshot of Kristin Scherman

Kristin Scherman

Senior Manager