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Headshot of Candace Jones

Candace Jones

Program Manager

Why do you think educators are so important right now?  

Educators touch every aspect of our society. Their responsibility to create healthy environments for students while equipping them for the future is a huge undertaking. Their contributions are invaluable and essential.

What impact have you seen this program have on the community?  

The reach of our program is incredible! From higher education to administration, to innovators, influencers, and classroom veterans, it is difficult to find an educational space in the city that does not have some connection to ITF. Our vision of individuals with enduring careers in education is brought to life through the dedication of our fellows.

What does justice in education mean to you? 

Each student is provided all of the tools they need for learning in ways that are equitable and responsive. It also implies that we need to honestly address the injustices in education in order to genuinely pursue justice.

What keeps you motivated in this work?  

My biggest motivator is the constant reality that our work isn’t done until all students have access to amazing teachers. Watching our fellows grow and develop their skills encourages me to keep going!

What makes this program so special? 

Our model of wraparound support from summer training through the first year as a Fellow. The alumni who come back at some point to serve with us as seasonal staff or volunteers. A strong thread of personal relationship is built into what we do, and our Fellows carry that into their classrooms.