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Immersive Training for Teachers. Proven Results for Students.
Mariana Miranda discusses a lesson with fifth-grade students at Langston Hughes Academy

How We Work

Immersive Training for Teachers. Proven Results for Students.


With TNTP Teaching Fellows, you choose the location and subject area you want to teach. Complete an online application to share your preferences, background, and experiences, and submit a recorded interview to showcase how your talents will shine in the classroom.


Throughout the summer, learn core teaching skills such as engaging students, managing a classroom, and instructional delivery from experienced coaches and teachers. Practice those skills with students in a local summer school classroom and with your peers while receiving coaching and feedback.


Begin teaching in the fall, leading a class of your own students, and earning a full teacher’s salary and benefits. Continue building your skills with coaching tailored to your individual needs and 1-2 years of coursework culminating in certification.

Teaching Fellow alum standing in a classroom coaching current Fellows
Greg Sparks, TNTP Teaching Fellows Field Experience Manager and 2016 Teaching Fellows Alumnus, coaches current Fellows

What Teaching Fellows Get

Hands-On Training and Personal Coaching

Our innovative training starts with students first and emphasizes actual teaching experience, practicing core skills you’ll need to be an effective teacher for your students. A coach will give you real-time feedback to help you develop those skills. Our model has been proven effective and Fellows perform as well as teachers trained in traditional, theoretical, longer, and more expensive programs.

A Student-Centered, Accelerated and More Affordable Route to Certification

Our program is accelerated but we don’t take shortcuts. We spend less time with theory so we can spend more time with students in practice. After a summer training experience, Fellows start teaching in their own classroom and earn a full-time teacher salary and benefits. Our certification coursework can be completed in as little as one year and our tuition is much lower than most other programs.

A Diverse Cohort of Peers to Lean On

Teaching can be challenging. Why do it alone? With TNTP Teaching Fellows, you will be a part of a cohort of individuals from different backgrounds who can share new perspectives and help you navigate the transition to teaching. As part of a diverse cohort, you’ll have the opportunity to be a role model for students, helping students see themselves reflected in their teachers and leaders.

What Teaching Fellows Get
Jasmine Archangel, PST Teacher Development Coach, advises two Fellows at Langston Hughes Academy

Hear It From Them

Teacher Stories

"The skills and strategies that you learn from teachNOLA deal with modern-day educational issues. Strategies are all centered around an equitable approach, ensuring that we reach all our students."

Head-and-shoulders photo of Paolo Castagnoli

Paolo Antonio Castagnoli


Mathematics, K-2

"All professions have challenges; however, teaching makes a direct impact on students and communities."

Head-and-shoulders photo of Stevie Johnson

Stevie Johnson

Nevada Teacher Corps

Elementary, K-2

"I believe that it is important to teach right now because equitable education is under attack."

Headshot of Troy Smith

Troy Smith

Indianapolis Teaching Fellows

Elementary, 5-6