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Why Teach

Build a Brighter Future

Build a Brighter Future

A single teacher can change a student’s life beyond the classroom. Highly effective teaching, by educators who reflect their communities, leads to opportunities for students to achieve their life goals. Great teaching and equitable education also have a ripple effect, benefiting communities and future generations.

The Benefits of Teaching

A Meaningful Career

Teaching is one of the most influential career options. Whether you want to fight for educational justice, give back to your community, or help kids reach their potential, you will make a difference as a teacher. The world is hard right now but being around children is a daily reminder of joy, laughter, curiosity, healthy skepticism (especially from those middle schoolers), and resilience. The upside of seeing students sing, laugh, and play or watching a student grasp a concept for the first time and have a lightbulb moment is priceless.

Every Day is Different

No more long days sitting in front of a computer screen. Your students will keep you on your toes and surprise you when you least expect it. If you are a lifelong learner who enjoys being challenged and the constant refresh of acquiring new skills, ideas, and knowledge, you are meant to be a teacher. As you learn what works for your students you will refine and energize your classroom practice.

Share Your Passion

Whether you are a working professional or a recent graduate, you can bring your life experiences and creativity to your classroom and curriculum. To make learning more exciting and effective for students you have the chance to use what brings you joy and satisfaction. Your creativity is contagious, and your students will benefit from the inspiration it ignites.

Time to Recharge

Teaching is hard work, and teachers need time to recharge. Most teachers get time off for holidays and other breaks during the school year as well as 2-3 months off over the summer. In addition, the schedule for each school day is consistent and predictable.

An In-Demand Job

The call for teachers has never been greater. In every grade and in every subject. It is a critical moment to consider teaching with many districts supporting, strengthening, and diversifying their workforce and school cultures. And the need for teachers is nationwide, so if you ever need to relocate you should be able to find a new teaching position.

Career Advancement Opportunities

As a teacher, you develop skills that are a benefit to any employer. The opportunities for growth within education include becoming a school or district leader. Outside of education, teachers are highly sought after for their strategic planning, problem-solving and other transferable skills and tenacity. There is no shortage of options for a long career that is rewarding and satisfies a sense of purpose.

Hear It From Them

Teacher Stories

"I had a third grader tell me they’ve never had a Black teacher before, and that she hopes her teacher is Black."

Headshot of Ashley Lawrence

Ashley Lawrence

Baltimore City Teaching Residency

Elementary, 1st Grade

"I have always had a desire to work with children. It wasn't until I became a parent and had to consider a career that would permit me to be a part of my own children's development that I decided to pursue education as a career."

Headshot of Kevette Currie

Kevette Currie

Nevada Teacher Corps

Elementary, Kindergarten

"There is nothing like teaching something new to a class and seeing the kids build on that new knowledge."

Photo of Jan Hebert

Jan Hebert


Elementary, Kindergarten

Is Teaching For You?

A Day in the Life of...

Headshot of Charnele Williams

Charnele Guerrero

Nevada Teacher Corps

Elementary, 4-5

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