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Partner with TNTP Teaching Fellows
2022 Indianapolis Teaching Fellows Pre-Service Training Graduation

Partnerships for Change

It’s no secret that schools and districts are facing teacher shortages. Partnering with TNTP Teaching Fellows means that a diverse cohort of locally trained teachers are available to staff schools in the community. When you hire a Teaching Fellow, you can be assured that the Fellow has received effective training and hands-on practice with students and will be supported by a team of passionate staff committed to the teacher’s ongoing growth and development.

A Proven Training Model

As a leader in education TNTP knows the challenges facing new teachers. Most schools and preparation programs treat a teacher’s first year like a warm-up. Not us. Our research shows that teachers who make a strong start are more likely to remain successful. Our program provides individualized support from day one. That includes building specific core skills through actual classroom practice in local schools. Through year one in the classroom, Fellows are paired with personal coaches who provide constructive feedback so that Fellows continue to develop. TNTP also offers a library of resources developed through our research and work in the field that provide valuable tools for addressing common talent challenges.

Developing and Supporting Diverse Talent

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Giving all students the challeging, vibrant, and affirming education they deserve starts with supporting and sustaining great teaching.
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TNTP Teaching Fellows works in partnership with local communities to provide accessible pathways to successful teaching careers.
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