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Black Educator Excellence Cohort

Black Educator Excellence Cohort
Taryn Walker teaching fifth-grade students at Clarence L Farrington School 61

TNTP Teaching Fellows prioritizes equitable education to ensure economic and social mobility for our students and communities. One proven way to improve student performance and life outcomes, especially for students of color, is to ensure that the teacher workforce is diverse and holds and delivers on the high expectation that all students can excel. Students of color who have teachers who look like them and share their life experiences are more likely, to graduate, or pursue college degrees or other credentials that prepare them to thrive in life. Yet, the racial disparity between students and the teacher workforce is large and growing; while more than half of K–12 students are students of color, more than 80% of teachers are white.

The Black Educator Excellence Cohort (BEEC) provides additional resources such as scholarships, testing support, and the opportunity to build community and network with fellow cohort members and experienced educators.

What is the Black Educator Excellence Cohort (BEEC)?

There’s no shortage of talented people of color who could help close the teacher diversity gap. Barriers such as program tuition, testing fees, and personal expenses while transitioning to teaching disproportionately impact potential teachers of color.

The Black Educator Excellence Cohort (BEEC) tackles the barriers that keep aspiring Black teachers out of the profession. BEEC members have received financial assistance, support with required certification exams, including practice tests, online coursework, 1:1 support, and a space to build community with other Black educators. To counteract the isolation and challenges many Black teachers face on mostly white teaching staff, the program also provides a network of mutual support and targeted development opportunities, such as social events, book studies, and guest speakers.

BEEC Financial Support

Financial support is based on program needs. To be eligible for support you need to be in good standing with your program and partner school. We will announce our Cohort 6 support at the beginning of November 2024.

Hear It From Them

BEEC Testimonials

"Teaching is a challenging yet rewarding career that takes determination and consistency. There will be days you want to give up, but you lean on your coaches and other members of the cohort."

Head-and-shoulders photo of Jazmin Sanders

Jazmin Sanders

Indianapolis Teaching Fellows

Elementary, K-2

"I believe that it is important to teach right now because equitable education is under attack."

Headshot of Troy Smith

Troy Smith

Indianapolis Teaching Fellows

Elementary, 5-6

"Teaching is, “you get to,” not "you have to.” You get to prepare the next generation. That’s amazing."

Head-and-shoulders photo of Dwana Caliste

Dwana Caliste


English, 9-12