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TNTP Teaching Fellows offers career changers, graduating college seniors, and recent graduates a more affordable, faster path to teacher certification through practice, job-embedded training, and personalized coaching. Our unique programs, rooted in local communities, develop dedicated educators who often reflect the students they serve, committed to creating better schools and classroom experiences for all students.

A classroom is waiting for you, in the city of your choice.

How We Work

Put Passion Into Practice

TNTP Teaching Fellows is designed to translate your passion into action. Our program, built on more than 20 years of research and work in the field, is innovative and effective because we continuously review and refine our practices, incorporating students’ diverse aspirations, cultures, and life experiences. It’s why 38,000 teachers have selected our program as their certification program.  

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A teacher standing at the front of a classroom with colleagues
Giselle Allen instructing a class of residents on student engagement techniques at the Academy for College and Career Exploration

Why Teach

Give Students a Strong Start

Give Students a Strong Start
A happy first grader at James Russell Lowell School 51

Education has the power to set students on the path to social and economic mobility. All students deserve access to a great education, and this is your chance to start changing lives. The demand for teachers is critical. You have the power to make a lasting impact.

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Hear It From Them

Teacher Stories

"My coaches constantly remind me that I am human and that I make mistakes and my students make mistakes. If I am here giving my 120% it is better than me not being here at all."

Head-and-shoulders photo of Samantha Herr

Samantha Herr

Teach Minnesota

Elementary, Kindergarten

"The skills and strategies that you learn from teachNOLA deal with modern-day educational issues. Strategies are all centered around an equitable approach, ensuring that we reach all our students."

Head-and-shoulders photo of Paolo Castagnoli

Paolo Antonio Castagnoli


Mathematics, K-2

"Teaching is a challenging yet rewarding career that takes determination and consistency. There will be days you want to give up, but you lean on your coaches and other members of the cohort."

Head-and-shoulders photo of Jazmin Sanders

Jazmin Sanders

Indianapolis Teaching Fellows

Elementary, K-2