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Headshot of Kevette Currie

Kevette Currie

Nevada Teacher Corps

Elementary, Kindergarten

Why did you become a teacher?

I have always had a desire to work with children. It wasn’t until I became a parent and had to consider a career that would permit me to be a part of my own children’s development that I decided to pursue education as a career.

What support from your coach was the most valuable?

My coaches were extremely helpful throughout the summer training. Coaches were available to guide us through the program while also providing emotional support through what was a very difficult time for many. Between the uncertainty of what was to come with virtual education because of COVID to simply being there to guide us through hard times and be a virtual shoulder to cry on, they were there. I began the program with a six-month-old and three-year-old, and there were many times I felt unsure if it was the right choice to keep going with the program. But I knew it was a great program to help me move forward in my career.

What has been the most rewarding part of teaching?

My most recent year of teaching was tough but memorable. I have enjoyed developing deep relationships with my students and families. I have watched many students enter the classroom with little to no knowledge and leave my classroom reading and writing at or above grade level. I have had parents express the joy of having their child come home excited to tell them about their day. I absolutely love the growth of my students and the relationships built along the way.

What advice would you give someone who is applying to Nevada Teacher Corps?

Lean on your coaches and truly receive the guidance that is being provided. At times it may feel that the information learned throughout the program is excessive, but even the smallest piece of advice goes a long way. A cohort coach during my program taught us “OHIO”(Only Handle It Once), and although this was not specifically classroom related, I have held on to this acronym and used it to push myself through some very tough days and situations.

What keeps you motivated as a teacher?

I want better for our children. I want better for my children and the children l teach. As an educator, I have the opportunity to guide children to believe in themselves and their ability to impact the world. I love seeing how they develop and become independent thinkers and problem solvers. Children are amazing, and I love being a part of their development.