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Tips for a Strong Application

Are you ready to take the next step to make a difference for students who need great teachers? Here are three tips for crafting a stand-out application.

Man writing in a notebook
Resident Lateef Walker takes notes during Giselle Allen’s student engagement class at the Academy for College and Career Exploration

Don't Let the Scenarios Intimidate You

We don’t expect candidates to have in-depth knowledge of education issues or teaching strategies when applying; that is why we have a rigorous pre-service training program. Instead, we are looking for evidence of your critical thinking skills, how you approach your personal learning, and your commitment to educational equity. The more context you have about our values and unique approach to teacher training, the stronger your application will be, so we encourage you to review our website before applying.

Highlight Your Unique Skills and Experiences

The students we work with come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and we’re looking for the same in Teaching Fellows. The best way to set yourself apart from the thousands of other applications we receive is to share what makes you unique. Are you a math or computer whiz? Do you have experience coaching or mentoring youth in your local community? Have you previously served as a volunteer or managed a group of people at your current job? Use simple, direct language and include details about your real-life experiences that will contribute to your success as a teacher.

Review Your Responses

Solid communication skills are essential to becoming an effective teacher, and we want to see your potential to explain a concept or idea. Review your responses to ensure your point is succinct and clear to the reader.