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2022 Fellow, Alicia Jones-Harris with first graders at James Russell Lowell, School 51.

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Talented People Become Exceptional Teachers

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Preparing for Your Recorded Interview

We conduct interviews using a unique process called recorded video interviews. The easy-to-use online system gives you the opportunity to record your responses to interview questions that help further showcase your skills and passion for teaching. The interview will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete, including set-up, practice, and tech check time. Through our flexible interview process you can submit your interview at any time, day or night, when it is most convenient for you. No scheduling is required!

During the recorded interview, you will answer questions about your past experiences and your beliefs about effective teaching. You will also respond to classroom scenarios that prioritize building relationships, addressing inequities, and providing a strong education to all students. There is nothing you need to do in advance to prepare for the interview— just be yourself and answer authentically. We know you’ll do great!

A teacher works on a laptop
Brittney Blunt reviews materials after a third-grade class at Langston Hughes Academy

1. Choose a Quiet Location

Choose a quiet location, free of distractions to record your interview. Have a pen and paper available to take notes, and make sure you have reliable Internet access and a fully charged battery.

2. Check Your Device

You can complete the interview using a computer, tablet, or phone. To test the computer or mobile device you will use for the interview, follow this link and click “Run Diagnostic Test.”

There will be three tech checks:

  • Async Video Test: You may need to install Flash 10.3.0 or above. If so, a link will be provided. Click “allow” for Adobe Flash Player to access your microphone and camera.
  • Live Video Test: Follow the on-screen prompts to test your camera and microphone.
  • Internet Connection Test: Standby as the test runs automatically. You will receive a “success” message if your connection speed is adequate.

If you successfully pass all three tech checks, you should be able to use the system, and you do not need to submit results to our support team. Close the window and continue to step four below.

If your device failed any of the tech checks, click “Submit These Results to Support” at the bottom of the page, and tech support will reach out within 60 seconds. Be sure to check your junk folder if you do not hear from tech support within that time.

3. Practice Using the System

Go to the personalized link in your email invitation to access your interview profile. If you are using a computer to record, you will need to use an updated Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Download the latest version from Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are using a mobile device, you will need to download the VidResponse mobile application. Download the mobile application for Apple or Android.

Once you enter the system, you will be directed to test your camera and microphone. Then, you will respond to a practice question that will give you an opportunity to become familiar with the recording system. This practice question will not be evaluated. Take as much time as you need here to get comfortable with the recording function.

4. Complete the Interview

Once you’re comfortable with the recording function, you are ready to complete your interview. We recommend setting aside about 30 minutes to answer the interview questions. After each question is asked, you will have 30 seconds to think about your response and up to 2 minutes to record your response. If you want to re-record a response, you will have one opportunity to do so.

If you encounter any technical issues with your recordings, don’t worry! We have a 24/7 tech support team ready to assist you. Contact them by clicking “Technical difficulties? Send us a message” at the bottom of your interview screen, and we will get you the support you need to continue with your interview.

If you need any support during the process, you can reach us by sending an email to

Once your interview is submitted, we will email you within with a status update.

Good luck, and have fun! 

Our recorded interviews are accessible from places around the world. If you are unable to access the internet, please let us know, and we will work with you to problem solve.