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Why Nevada?

Nevada Teacher Corps is building a passionate group of educators for district and charter schools across the Las Vegas Valley, and supplying the training and support our teachers need to provide a transformative education for Nevada’s students. 


Call it what you like: a can-do attitude, innovation, or entrepreneurship. We call it the Nevada spirit—the idea that with a bold vision, hard work, and persistence, anything is possible. Our students need bold and innovative educators who are unwavering in their belief about the potential of all kids and are willing to work hard to provide our students with a great education.


Nevada has recently taken historic actions to increase funding and enact policies that will better equip our schools with the tools and resources they need to ensure that all of Nevada’s students are ready to reach their full potential. Fueled by an ethos of risk-taking and opportunity, Nevada is once again on the verge of proving that anything is possible—this time with providing all Nevada students with a high-quality education. Nevada is at a historic moment and Fellows have an opportunity to be a part of these once-in-a-lifetime efforts.



As an international destination, Las Vegas is rich in diversity. The majority of the families in our public education system identify as a person of color, and our local state university, UNLV, is the second most diverse campus in the nation. Like many of those who now call Las Vegas home, our Fellows come mostly from outside of Nevada, and represent diverse pathways into teaching—recent college graduates, young professionals, and mid-life career changers. We come from all walks of life, but we share one common mission for our students.   


TNTP Nevada works across every level of our education system. We collaborate with the state department of education, individual schools, and with teachers, leaders, and community members at schools across Nevada. We believe that leveraging the assets of our communities is one of the key ingredients to improving education, and our Fellows work hard to build relationships with families and community members to help students drive towards academic excellence.

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