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Community of Educators

Participants attend TNTP’s Good to Great Institute, which helps experienced teachers push their practice to the next level so they can help all students master challenging content. Program participants work with other experienced teachers to practice identifying, preparing for, and delivering challenging content. They see what’s possible when students receive high-quality academic content and feel more confident about adopting higher expectations in their own classrooms. During Good to Great Institute, you’ll work alongside established New Orleans educators and begin building your network in your new home. 

Good to Great

Good to Great is a coaching and learning experience that helps experienced teachers internalize high standards and approach every lesson with the belief that all kids—even kids who are far behind—can master challenging content. Participants watch firsthand as students rise to the challenge of rigorous academic content and receive immediate feedback to use as they hone their skills. You’ll focus on key concepts and skills for math and literacy, practicing new skills with students each morning and debriefing with peers each afternoon. And you’ll explore how your instructional choices can help show students you believe they can master grade-appropriate work, even when it’s challenging.

The training is centered around math and ELA summer school classrooms for grades 3-8, but the training and instructional practices are applicable to all grades and subjects.