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Frequently Asked Questions

Application and Interview Process

Application Process

I have previously applied to TNTP Teaching Fellows, may I apply again?

Yes, we value applicants who have reflected on past application experiences and seek to re-apply. Unfortunately, we aren't able to reconsider your previous application. In order to be considered for the Summer 2018 program, you will need to create a new account here and submit a new application. 

I was previously accepted into the program but was unable to enroll at the time. Do I need to apply again?

Yes, you must reapply because our application may change as we reflect on best practices and strive to identify the strongest candidates for our programs. Recruitment needs can also vary from one year to the next.

Can I defer my enrollment into the program for one year?

Deferment decisions are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Send your request to:

Do you have any tips for a successful application?

Yes, click here for Five Tips for Creating a Great Application

What are the dates and times of the application deadlines?

Click here for all upcoming events and application deadlines. Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, so it is best to apply early to increase your chance of admission to your first-choice program. Please note that all applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on the date of the deadline.

When can I expect to hear an update about the status of my application?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Candidates selected to move forward in the process will be asked to participate in an interactive video within 2-3 weeks of submission. If you have not heard back about the status of your application after three weeks, please reach out to:

How do I determine if I am eligible to apply?

Eligibility and subject area requirements vary by site. To find out if you’re eligible, navigate to your preferred program page here, and click on the “Eligibility Requirements” tab in the navigation bar. You will find general eligibility guidelines and specific academic requirements by subject on that page. To see your eligibility for all programs at-a-glance are listed here.

I graduated from a foreign university or I earned credits through a study abroad program. Am I eligible?

Graduates of foreign universities or individuals who earned credits through a study abroad that are not reflected completely (including course code, course title, credits earned and grade earned) on their undergraduate transcript must have their foreign transcripts evaluated by one approved foreign credential evaluation agency in order to be admitted to our program. This process can take more than a month to complete. For more information, click here.

I have seen advertisements for TNTP Teaching Fellows programs in cities that are not listed on your website. Can I apply for those cities? Do you have plans to expand to those cities?

We recruit candidates from all over the country so we do advertise in locations where we don't currently operate Teaching Fellows programs. If you're willing to consider relocating, we have programs in cities across the country for talented individuals seeking a teaching career. You can learn more about the specifics of each program here.

Application Technical Support

For best results with the online application please use Chrome or Firefox.

I am having trouble logging into my account.

Please try using this link. Make sure there aren’t any extra spaces around or in the email address. If you need to reset your password, please click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link (be sure to check your spam filter).

The program that I wish to apply for is not showing up in my dropdown menu.

Programs are listed based on your eligibility. If a program does not appear on your dropdown menu, it means that you previously answered a question that makes you ineligible for that program. Please double check your responses or consider applying for another one of our programs. 

Interview Process

If I am invited for an interview, what is the process?

For more information regarding the interview process see Frequently Asked Questions - Interviews.


What tuition and fees am I responsible for as a Fellow?

Teaching Fellows are responsible for TNTP Academy tuition or tuition and related fees at a partner university. These costs vary by site. If you are interested in pursuing a loan to assist with tuition expenses, you must do so independently, as eligibility varies. You are also responsible for all fees associated with certification from your district or state, including fees for required examinations or certification filing fees. In addition, states require all teachers to have their fingerprints processed for a background check; you are responsible for any costs associated with state or district hiring requirements.

Please note: You will not start paying tuition until you have secured a full-time teaching position in the fall. Interest-free payment plans are available.

Do you offer financial aid or grants to help pay for TNTP Academy tuition?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer financial aid or grants to help offset TNTP Academy tuition costs at this time.

Is the summer training paid?

Summer training is unpaid, however, once you secure a position, you can look forward to a competitive salary and excellent benefits even as you complete your certification coursework. Please note that some schools don’t issue the first paycheck until several weeks into the school year. We understand that managing this transition requires careful and proactive financial planning for many candidates, but, as many of our most successful Fellows  tell you, the rewards of teaching are well worth the effort.

Do you offer stipends/financial assistance for relocating?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer stipends or financial assistance for relocation at this time.

Do you offer housing during the summer training program?

Fellows are responsible for securing housing. Some programs may partner with local universities for housing options. 

Training & Teaching

How long is the Teaching Fellows commitment?

Fellows who successfully meet certification and program requirements will earn full teaching certification in just 1-2 years. We aim to prepare teachers capable of making a lifetime of difference for their students, and studies show that teachers need at least five years of experience to reach their full potential as educators. We encourage all our Fellows to fully commit to the schools and communities that they serve.

When is training and what does it entail?

Pre-service training begins in late spring or early summer and is a 5-7 week process that consists of student teaching, coaching and seminar sessions. You will learn essential skills like managing a classroom, delivering content, and keeping students engaged in rigorous learning activities. You must master those fundamentals by the end of summer training. Only Fellows who can demonstrate those skills will complete pre-service training and begin teaching full-time in the fall.

Pre-service training is extremely demanding, consisting of sessions five days per week for approximately 10-12 hours daily. Due to the critical importance of pre-service training, attendance is mandatory every day.

I read that I would have to find my own teaching position. Why is that and will TNTP offer any support?

Teachers are more successful when they work in a school that is a good fit for them. For that reason, you will be responsible for leading your own job search to ensure that both you and your principal feel good about the match.

Our staff provides a lot of support in this process, helping you navigate the district hiring process, showing you how to find vacancies and occasionally coordinating interviews with principals. In addition, our team will host job-search workshops, set up mock-interviews and review résumés.

While admission to TNTP Teaching Fellows programs does not guarantee a teaching position, the need for quality teachers in critical-shortage subjects remains high. In addition, we establish our recruitment goals for the number of Fellows based on the needs of our partner districts. That is why, in our programs, nearly all Fellows who successfully complete training are hired before the start of school or shortly thereafter. In the extremely rare event that you are not able to secure a full-time teaching position, you will likely be given the option of deferring to the following cohort year or working as a full-time substitute. You are still able to earn certification and then defer to the following cohort year.

For specific information on each of our sites, we encourage you to explore our website. Click on “Our Programs” to find the site you are looking for. If you have additional questions that are not answered on those pages, send an email to