Thank you for your interest in becoming a teacher. If you have questions about our Teaching Fellows programs, please email us using the form below.

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City Year Priority Application Instructions

As a City Year AmeriCorps member, you have demonstrated excellent potential to become an effective teacher. You’ve been recommended as a priority candidate for our programs!

Follow the instructions below and submit your application by Monday, March 25. If you meet eligibility guidelines, we'll follow up with instructions on how to interview. 

How It Works

TNTP Teaching Fellows is a rigorous alternative certification program that recruits and trains talented career changers and recent college graduates to be outstanding teachers in high-need schools across the country. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You choose where you want to teach. We have programs in Baltimore, Indianapolis, Nevada, and New Orleans.
  • Once accepted, you’ll begin an intensive summer training program to learn the fundamentals of great teaching. Every day, expert educators will help you master critical teaching skills—skills you’ll practice in real classrooms, with real students.
  • After successfully completing summer training and securing a teaching position at a local school, you will begin teaching full-time, earning a full teacher’s salary.
  • Throughout the year, you will be enrolled in TNTP Academy. Depending on your specific setting, you may be enrolled in an in-person or a virtual program. No matter which format you end up in, you will receive personalized virtual or in-person coaching and helpful feedback about your performance. You will also participate in seminars, either in-person or online, to help you master more advanced teaching techniques. 
  • If you prove after training that you have what it takes to be a great teacher, we will recommend you for certification—a high standard not all candidates reach. Graduating from our program signals you are a certified teacher with a proven record.

Teaching Fellows


Start Dates

Baltimore City Teaching Residency

End of June 

Indianapolis Teaching Fellows

Late May

Nevada Teacher Corps

Late May

Greater New Orleans

Late May

Roots LA Teaching Pathway


*2019 Pre-service start dates are determined in the spring

As a City Year AmeriCorps Member:

  • You do not need to complete the short-essay application questions.
  • You do not need to submit a resume or transcript.
  • However, you must complete all other fields on the application to ensure you meet the site’s eligibility requirements.  

Steps to Completing Your Application

  1. Create an online application account here.
  2. Complete the application questions accurately until you get to the Application Questions page.
  3. On the Application Questions page, you must respond to each question this way:
  • For questions with a drop-down list, choose the first item in the drop-down list.
  • For questions with a free response, type "City Year Application" and copy and paste until you meet the minimum word count.
  • Complete the survey on the final page of the application and submit your application.

Submit your application

To reserve your spot for this specialized interview, submit your application following the instructions above by Monday, March 25.  We anticipate this will take 15 minutes.  
Please contact with any questions and I look forward to seeing your application soon!