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Background Checks and Fingerprinting for Baltimore

All Residents must be fingerprinted and disclose any prior criminal record. Fingerprinting, will take place at 200 E North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202, on your district processing day.

Fingerprints are checked with the Maryland State Division of Criminal Justice Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Incoming Residents are responsible for the fingerprinting fee, which is approximately $52.75. 

Baltimore City Public Schools will evaluate candidates for teaching positions with prior criminal records in accordance with state law and will either approve or deny a candidate based on the nature of his or her conviction, how long ago it occurred, and the age of the candidate at the time of conviction.

Residents with criminal records will be interviewed and given an opportunity to discuss their records before any decisions to approve or deny are made. Residents with prior records should be aware that their applications will be subject to further review by the office of Labor Relations, and Labor Relations may deem them ineligible for employment in the classroom. Residents deemed ineligible to teach in Baltimore City Public Schools will not be permitted to continue with the Residency program.