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TNTP Teaching Fellows

How to Prepare for Tests

An important part of the enrollment process is taking and passing tests required for state teacher certification or licensure. 

State skills and content areas exams can be challenging and may require multiple attempts before passing, and even people with deep content knowledge or professional experience say they had to study and prepare well before the tests. We encourage you to follow these strategies to thoroughly prepare.

Review program specific testing requirements.

Step One: Create a Study Plan

We have found that a shared mistake of candidates who do not pass tests is that they did not allow themselves enough time to adequately prepare. Creating a detailed study plan using the tips below will help you stay on track to monitor your progress toward passing.

Know what test you need to take and what information will be covered.
Review program specific testing requirements.

Visit the appropriate website for your program and learn what resources are available for your test including study companions, study guides, practice tests and more.

  • Indianapolis Teaching Fellows refer here for Indiana Core and Pearson Content Assessment
  • All other programs refer here for Praxis Core and Praxis II.

Create and execute a detailed study plan that includes content and general test preparation. We find it useful to build in at least two full length, timed practice tests into your plan and then adjust your studying by the results of these tests. 

Step Two: Gather Study Resources

Take time to ensure you have the right resources for your subject areas. 

Suggested Resources

  • Math Test Prep: Regardless of the subject you teach, there will be math covered in the tests you are required to take. Take advantage of our free online test prep courses. 
  • 240Tutoring: 240Tutoring offers online, comprehensive study guides to help prepare Fellows for required tests. TNTP Teaching Fellows receive a 20% discount on study guides. Use the Promo Code "TeachingFellows" at check out to receive the discount. 

            Baltimore City Teaching Residency, Nevada Teacher Corps and teachNOLA, select: Study Guides: Praxis  
            Indianapolis Teaching Fellows, select: Study Guides: Indiana CORE 

  • Praxis Test Preparation WebinarsLearn how you can ensure success as you prepare for teacher licensure. Each live session provides attendees with the opportunity to interact and ask questions, so we encourage you to participate. 

Step Three: Connect with your Cohort

Many enrollees find it helpful to connect with members of their cohort via the closed Facebook groups. It’s a good place to seek advice and share best practices. You’ll receive an invitation to join once you enroll. 

Step Four: Get Ready for Test Day

Verify your test location. Test locations sometimes change.  Be sure to confirm your location before test day.  Drive to the location prior to the test to map out your driving directions and to figure out the best place to park.

Assemble your identification documents and confirm what and what not to bring. Check ID requirements and make sure your documents will be accepted.  You will not be admitted to the test without the correct documents. Praxis test takers can read a full list of what to bring here.

Dress appropriately.  Testing room conditions vary.  Dress in layers to ensure you are ready for any room temperature.

Expect the unexpected! Most alumni report unexpected events on test day.  For example, having to wait an hour for the test to actually start (bring a snack to keep your energy up!) or having the testing rooms change multiple times.  Don’t let these last minute changes throw you. Be prepared. 


Pearson FAQ  for Indianapolis Teaching Fellows

Praxis FAQ all other programs