Thank you for your interest in becoming a teacher. If you have questions about our Teaching Fellows programs, please email us using the form below.

TNTP Teaching Fellows

Preparing for your interview

Based on your written application, you may be invited to participate in an interview. During the interview, you will answer questions about your beliefs about effective teaching. You will also respond to classroom scenarios that are representative of the challenges that new teachers may face. Your participation in the interview allows us to learn more about you and your potential fit with our program, while also giving you a taste of what being a Teaching Fellow is all about.

If you've been invited to interview with Baltimore City Teaching Residency, Indianapolis Teaching Fellows, Nevada Teacher Corps or Roots LA, you will complete your interview via interactive video. Follow the specific guidance here.

If you've been invited to interview with teachNOLA, you will interview in person. Follow the specific guidance here.


  1. Read and reflect. During your interactive video interview, you will record yourself responding to questions asking  you to share what responsibility you believe teachers have in understanding concepts like race, identify, power and class. You are encouraged to reflect on your own personal experience and two blog posts: When Cultures Clash in the Classroom and The Revolutionary Act of Pronunciation. We recommend setting aside 30-60 minutes to read the blog posts and consider your response before beginning the interview.
  2. Check your device. Prior to beginning your interview, you should test the computer or smartphone you will use for the interview. Follow this link and then click “Run Diagnostic Test.” If the test identifies any issues your device may have, click the button to submit the results to the customer service team. Once you enter the interview portal (see Step 4, below), you can contact customer service to solve the issue.
  3. Test the Logistics. For your interview, choose a quiet location with a plain background where you will not be distracted. Ensure you have reliable internet access in that location. You should also fully charge your computer or smartphone battery.
  4. Have a pen and paper available. This will enable you to take notes on the information that is shared and the questions you are asked during your interview.
  5. Take the interview. When you are ready to complete your interview, go to the personalized link provided to you in your email to begin. Once you enter the interview portal, you will be required to test your camera and microphone. You will then respond to a sample question that will not be evaluated, but give you an opportunity to practice.
  6. Get technical support. If you have any issues then or as you complete the interview, click the link at the bottom of the page that says “Technical difficulties? Send us a message.” You will receive an email response within 60 seconds. Be sure to check your junk folder if you do not hear from customer support within that time.

Following these steps will help to ensure your interview goes smoothly. Within three weeks of your interview, you will be notified of your status.