Thank you for your interest in becoming a teacher. If you have questions about our Teaching Fellows programs, please email us using the form below.

TNTP Teaching Fellows

Nine Steps to Successful Enrollment

Once you enroll there's a lot to do to get ready to start pre-service training in summer. Your program's enrollment requirements will provide more important details but review these nine steps to get started. Enrollees who do not meet the requirements will be withdrawn from the program.

Step One: Enroll in Teacher Track

To enroll, log in to the TeacherTrack account you created when you applied to our program, using the same email address and password. Select the “Enrollment” tab and click “Accept” to enroll.

Step Two: Start Using the Checklist

Once you’ve enrolled, the checklist will help you keep track of your requirements. Here you’ll submit all required documentation. Review the Checklist Guide to get started.

Step Three: Sign the Commitment Agreement

You received a Commitment Agreement with your offer letter, which details the terms you agree to by entering into employment with a school district through the program. Please sign and upload the agreement to your TT2 Checklist immediately.

Step Four: Watch the Enrollment Webinar , Schedule Your Welcome Call and Join the Facebook Group

Once you enroll, you’ll receive an email with more information about the enrollment webinar, which is an important overview of the program with program staff. You'll also particpate in a welcome call where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions.

Finally, we’ll send you an invitation to the 2016 Facebook Group for your cohort. It is not required, but we encourage you to accept so you can connect with peers and begin building relationships before training begins.

Step Five: Submit Transcripts

You must send transcripts from each college or university you attended to your program office. For more details, review your program’s enrollment requirements.

Step Six: Background Check and Fingerprinting

All enrollees must be fingerprinted and disclose any prior criminal record. For more details, review your program’s enrollment requirements.

Step Seven: Testing

You must take and pass all teacher certification tests before pre-service training begins. There are limited testing opportunities prior to the start of training, so register and complete your required tests as early as possible. For more details, review your program's testing requirements.

Step Eight: Create Your Resume

All enrollees must submit a resume so that we can help you find a full-time teaching position for the fall. Your resume is a summary of your experiences, education, skills and accomplishments, and should convince a principal that you would be a valuable member of their team. 

Resume Resources

Download a resume template for your program to get started:

Baltmore City Teaching Residents

Additional Guidance

DC Teaching Fellows


Indianapolis Teaching Fellows


Michigan Teacher Corps


Nashville Teaching Fellows


Nevada Teacher Corps


teachNOLA (Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge)


Step Nine: Enrollment Coursework

In early winter you'll receive more information about Enrollment Coursework. Enrollment Coursework introduces the fundamental elements of effective instruction and provides additional resources to prepare you for the training experience. You should plan to spend about five to ten hours a week for six weeks before pre-service training starts. As part of the coursework, you will engage in readings, video observations, reflections, application activities, and discussions.

Enrollment Coursework will be available through an online learning platform.  You will receive specific instructions through TT2 on how to access the Enrollment Coursework.  The coursework typically takes 30-42 hours to complete and must be completed by prior to the start of pre-service training.