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TNTP Teaching Fellows

Training & Certification

The first year is hard for any new teacher, but you will work in a high-need school where students may lag several grades behind. To prepare you for that challenge, you will receive intensive training in person and virtually, through TNTP Academy.

While traditional teacher preparation programs stress educational theory, TNTP Academy is designed to transform talented professionals into great teachers through practical, classroom-centered coursework, with a sharp focus on core skills. You will be trained like a pro athlete, with ample opportunity to practice, reflect and improve, until essential teaching techniques become second nature. At every step, you will be held to the highest performance standards because your students are counting on teachers capable of delivering game-changing results.

Pre-service Training

Pre-service Training - teachNOLA 

In May, you’ll begin your commitment with a rigorous five-week pre-service training program in New Orleans that is centered on field experience. You will study proven teaching techniques that great teachers use every day to advance student learning and can expect to practice these techniques intensively, both with peers and with real students in summer school classrooms.

Rather than overwhelming you with training that is a mile wide but an inch deep, we focus first on mastery of four foundational teaching skills before shifting to more advanced practices. Outstanding local teachers will prepare you to manage a classroom, to deliver the content your students must learn, and to keep students focused on meeting high academic expectations. You must demonstrate proficiency in these fundamental skills by the end of pre-service training to earn teaching eligibility for the fall.

Pre-service training is extremely demanding, and you must attend sessions five days per week and some weekends from approximately 7:00 am to 6:00 pm in New Orleans, with potential evening workshops and events. Due to the critical importance of pre-service training, you cannot miss any portion. Attendance is mandatory every day.

Expert Coaching

Beginning in pre-service training and continuing through your first year, TNTP Academy coaches will be your most critical line of support as you apply lessons from training sessions with students in your classroom. All coaches are experienced teachers with a track record of raising achievement in challenging classrooms.

Throughout pre-service training, teachNOLA coaches will observe you regularly in your classroom, providing real-time guidance to improve your teaching. After class, you will meet to debrief and discuss concrete strategies you can apply in future lessons. Coaches may also pull you into small skill-building sessions to address your high-priority development needs.

You can’t improve if you don’t know what you are doing wrong. Whether you are struggling with lesson planning or striving to improve your classroom management skills, your coach will focus their expertise on helping you quickly get up to speed in that area. This rich feedback and personalized support will help you grow quickly into an amazing teacher.

As Fellow Randy Edwards explains, "I love when my coach comes to my classroom. He models, I practice, and we bounce feedback off each other in real time.”

Certification Coursework

“My Seminar Leader was just amazing – a true professional and an excellent teacher.

She was honest with the facts without being discouraging and always provided bite-sized, actionable feedback.

She made seminars appropriate for each teacher and was so invested in ensuring we were prepared. She still checks in to see how I’m doing.”

Marquise Reine, 2010 Fellow

During your first year as a full-time teacher, you will also complete TNTP Academy certification coursework under the guidance of outstanding coaches.

Shortly after you begin teaching, you will begin coursework, , to bolster your instructional impact. This coursework will focus on the most critical knowledge required in your certification area and help you develop the planning skills needed to teach that content effectively. You will also participate in Technique Seminars, held once a month in the evening over the course of the school year. During these sessions, you will learn more techniques great teachers use to advance student learning, building on the fundamentals you mastered during pre-service training while shifting focus to more advanced skills. In both cases, seminar content will be continually customized to address your individual development priorities.

You will open your classroom to your coach regularly, through classroom visits and/or through video you record, allowing them to see you in action, and provide actionable guidance and concrete strategies to apply in future lessons.

A typical teaching day lasts about eight hours, with classes starting around 8:00 am. In addition, all teachers spend time preparing lessons, reviewing student work, attending meetings, or supervising extracurricular activities. Balancing these priorities with certification coursework is demanding, but our classroom-centered training and support will help you rise to the challenge.

Earning Certification

TNTP Academy holds the highest standards for certification of any program in the country, and our teachers are widely recognized for their ability to help high-need students make dramatic learning gains.

We use the Assessment of Classroom Effectiveness (ACE) to ensure that you remain on track to become a great teacher. ACE incorporates a wide variety of evidence from your classroom to create the fullest possible picture of your performance. ACE is also designed to help you grow – providing regular feedback about your strengths and weaknesses and enabling us to customize coaching and coursework to address your high-priority development needs.

At the end the year, you must pass ACE to earn licensure. By setting a high bar and helping you meet it, we ensure that you are capable of getting real results for students. And as a TNTP Academy graduate, principals and district officials will know that you are not simply a certified teacher, but one with a proven track record in the classroom.


Fellows who pass ACE and earn certification through our program will have the option to enroll in an online program to earn a Master of Science in Education degree from Johns Hopkins University.

This program is designed to build on the TNTP Academy training experience, with collaborative spaces for experiential learning through TNTP Academy to be applied toward Johns Hopkins University Master's degree requirements. Participants will be able to earn a Master's degree while enjoying monetary savings achieved through a reduced course load.